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our commitment


Our Vision:


To be a world class producer and exporter of Philippine handicrafts, to one day be standing side by side with the many successful Filipinos who have brought prestige and honor being producers of fine and beautiful art  pieces being distributed globally..



Our Mission:


To bring into each and every home quality functional  decorations, world class designs and through these endeavour,, help each and every Filipino have a decent job by employing them and giving them a better quality of  life.


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Our History….


Once while eating out, four friends were talking about their dreams and wishes of creating a better life not only for themselves but for other people as well. Being all talented  in all the kind of work they are in,, they decided to put together all their talents and resources,

Thus, the birth of Global  Art Design Co.

Edwin, a very good Product Designer, Lyn, a Shipping Officer and Lou, the Accountant, formed this group. Led by another able and efficient lady.. Daisy, a very good business woman, who  helped in the finances … the word Model was added to the name..and so GLOBAL MODEL ART DESIGN COMPANY.


The word Model was taken from the names….. Marilyn, Ofelia, Daisy, Edwin and Lou.


Our office/showroom  is located in Las Pinas City, only 30 minutes away from Ninoy International Airport, our showroom houses all our samples which were developed by our skilled sample makers, and were carefully designed by Mr. Edwin Sarmiento, a very talented Designer.


W e are a manufacturer/exporter of Philippine Handicrafts. Our main products are Christmas and Other Holiday Decorations. We also produce all kinds of boxes for packaging needs, also functional and decorative gifts and housewares.


Tabletops, Candle holders, Wall art, Nativity Sets, garlands and even small furnitures.. we do them and export to our buyer globally.


The materials that we use are mainly found in the Philippines.  Tin, Wire, natural Fibers, Abaca, Raffia, Buri, natural vines, paper mache, shells and other indigenous materials , that abound in the country.





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